Our Story

Established in 2019, MDuka looks to be the leading online retail marketplace for East African Manufacturers to the WORLD. Our goal is to take packaged finished commodities to the door steps of consumers world wide.


Our Aim

Africa to Your Door Step

MDuka will bring to your door step your favorite East African Brands and Commodities in a matters of hours. We have partnered with the leading global logistics and banking partners to ensure end to end security and delivery of you order. MDuka will ensure quality and availability of listed products while offering the most affordable route to your door step.



Our Founding Support Partners

Chai Bora

Chai Bora has been with Tanzanian’s for generations and continues to produce its finest collection of Tea blends from Tea leaves plucked and processed at high altitude mountains of MUFINDI, Njombe, Usambara and Bukoba Regions.

The master blenders have perfected the art of making a golden cup of Tea full of powerful Aroma and flavor. Chai Bora’s packing factory in Mafinga guarantees the freshness and the Taste of Truly Tanzanian flavor in every cup of Tea. With African Infusions Tea’s Chai Bora offers an exotic twist of to the Tea Lovers Palate with Chamomile, Peppermint, Hibiscus, Lemon Symphony, Highland, Green Tea, & Moringa there is never a moment or mode where our Tea’s won’t bring a climax to the start or end of day.

Chai Bora also has a line of exotic African Coffee that has been enjoyed by Tanzanian’s for decades each morning.

Today Chai Bora has partnered with MyDuka to deliver that fresh cup of tea or coffee to your door step.

Chai Bora is ISO certified across all product ranges and the infusion tea range are all ECOCERT certified. Awarded Super brands prestigious award and TOP 100 mid-sized company award three times in a row.


DHL (Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn) International GmbH is an American founded German company which is now the international courier, parcel, and express mail division of the German logistics company Deutsche Post DHL. Deutsche Post DHL is the world's largest logistics company,[3] particularly in sea and air mail. The company delivers over 1.3 billion parcels per year.


Barclays Bank Tanzania is part of Absa Group Limited, an African financial services group that aims to be the pride of the continent. Absa Group Limited is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa and is one of Africa’s largest diversified financial services groups with a presence in 12 countries across the continent and around 42,000 employees.


Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organization (TIRDO) is a multi-disciplinary research and development organization established by an Act of Parliament No. 5 of 1979 and it became operational on 1st April, 1979. It is a Government owned institution under the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment. Its mandate is to assist the industrial sector of Tanzania by providing technical expertise and support services to upgrade their technology base. Furthermore, TIRDO mandate is to carry out applied research for the development of suitable technologies, and value addition to indigenous resources through industrial processing. TIRDO along side Twigalpha is working toward innovating and developing strategies for industries to incorporate technologies that will improve market share and overall revenues. TIRDO believes in the success of MyDuka and fully supports the initiative, so much so it has agreed to house the logistic and dispatch center that will be used by MyDuka on it premise in Dar es Salaam.

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